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Sam Altman of Y Combinator thinks biotech is one of the next hot areas for investing

In a recent interview Sam Altman (the current president of Y Combinator, the famous Silicon Valley startup incubator) was asked which areas of investing did he thing were really hot, yet under appreciated.  Altman immediately brought up biotech — an area that he … Continue reading

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Broad Institute Receives $650M for Psychiatric Research

The Broad Institute, a biomedical research powerhouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has received the biggest gift ever for psychiatric research, totaling $650 million. The commitment from Ted Stanley (already a large donor) coincides with publication of the largest genomic study of … Continue reading

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Apollo 11 landing, 45 years ago today

Click here for a roundup of reminiscences and check out for more complete coverage.

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AbbVie will buy Shire in another Pharma tax inversion strategy

Following on the heels of Mylan, AbbVie will buy Shire in a move that, among other things, will result in a significantly lower tax rate when the redomiciled company is fully headquartered in Ireland. More information can be found here (WSJ) and here … Continue reading

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Dale Chihuly – Red Reeds and The White Tower

To counteract all that gloom from yesterday’s post on Vantablack, here’s something with a little more cheerful color, courtesy of Dale Chihuly: Chihuly and his studio are renowned for overcoming incredible technical challenges inherent in working with large scale blown glass while producing … Continue reading

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The blackest black ever achieved – using carbon nanotubes

A British company, Surrey NanoSystems, has  produced “Vantablack”, a “strange, alien” material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visual light, setting a new world record, according to the UK Independent: To stare at the “super black” … Continue reading

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Dale Chihuly — Neodymium Reeds

At the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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Generic drug maker Mylan pulls a mini-Pfizer tax inversion

Taking a page from Pfizer’s playbook, Mylan is buying Abbott Laboratories’ branded specialty and generics businesses in developed markets outside the U.S..  The $5B deal is structured to result in a tax inversion, with the newly formed merged company to be headquartered in the Netherlands. “We see … Continue reading

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The view from INSIDE a fireworks show

Awesome video from a small drone that was apparently unharmed by the experience.

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LA Schools Realize Giving Every Kid an iPad Was a Costly Disaster, Will Give Every Kid a Laptop Instead

Last year the Los Angeles unified school district decided to give every high school student an iPad.  The preliminary roll out among 47 schools was a mess.  The curriculum was incomplete, the iPads were barely used to their potential and, of … Continue reading

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