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Free software eating the world — language instruction edition

One hot new online tool is DuoLingo, a crowd-sourced gamified version of language learning software.  It’s free, and extremely easy to use, and apparently the program has become the most commonly used language learning platform in the world.  I signed up for a profile … Continue reading

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Cygnus in full view

Here in New England, we had a spectacular starry sky tonight.  The moon was a thin crescent, and disappeared soon after sunset.  By about 10 o’clock there were quite a few recognizable constellations in the dark sky to the west.  Cygnus (the Swan, … Continue reading

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Charles River Evening Sky

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U.S. Treasury moves to close tax inversion loophole

AstraZeneca (down 5%) and Shire (down 6%) shares lost a total of $8 billion in market cap Tuesday.  Abbvie, the company on the other end of the Shire deal, was down 4.6% in premarket trading.  These biopharmaceutical firms (and a … Continue reading

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Space-X cargo rocket delivers 3-D printer to the International Space Station

The latest Space-X unmanned Dragon mission is set to deliver 5000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station today. On board is a 3-D printer designed to test the concept of making parts in space from raw materials, a … Continue reading

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Ebola outbreak is heading toward 20,000 cases by November

The current West African Ebola outbreak is big, tragic, and exceedingly dangerous.  Current trends point to 20,000 infected patients by November. Martin Leopoldo has been posting the current tally of cases, and it’s not pretty.  This is a big deal, folks. … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie Leadership Advice

“A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn’t go by yourself.”

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Biggest technology leaders limit the tech their kids use

In a New York Times article titled “Steve Jobs Was a Low Tech Parent“, Nick Bilton describes how many technology entrepreneurs actually strictly limit their kids’ access to high tech gadgets.  Soon after the iPad was released, Steve Jobs told Nick that his kids hadn’t yet used … Continue reading

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Apple hits it out of the park again

Yes, other companies have been making smart watches and fitness monitors for a while now.  Yes, they will have some advanced features that Apple’s will lack.  Yes, Henry Blodget has called the Apple Watch “irrelevant“.  But — just like with MP3 … Continue reading

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The New Geography of Innovation

A dramatic shift in the geography of innovation is underway, according to a new report authored by Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner of the Brookings Institute, and Kendall Square is the poster child for the paradigm.  Bruce and Tim Row of the … Continue reading

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