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What’s happening to iPads?

Sales of Apple’s iPads have begun to decline, with double digit drops in unit sales year over year.  Interest in the devices as judged by Google searches has noticeably dropped (red line).   If the historical record for the iPod (blue line) is any guide, iPads may be about to enter … Continue reading

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The cold, thin atmosphere of Pluto

Pluto’s thin atmosphere is mainly nitrogen, and leaking away from the planet at a significant rate.  Scientists speculate that cryovolcanic activity is continually releasing enough new nitrogen vapor to keep the atmosphere from completely dissappearing. Cryovolcanic.  That’s a term you … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Perseid meteor shower

No moon, and — for the moment — clear skies are making for some excellent viewing conditions here in Eastern Massachusetts.  If you’re still awake, go outside, look up, and wait a bit.  I saw two really nice shooting stars … Continue reading

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