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SpaceX makes history by launching, then landing rocket booster

A new age of space exploration dawns as SpaceX has for the first time landed a first stage rocket booster used on an orbital mission. Some estimate that launch costs can be reduced 10 or even 100-fold if boosters — and their … Continue reading

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Teleconferences — the mute button is on, and people are off doing yoga or the laundry

“Much of what we call work is noise” – Nassim Taleb Here’s the latest example of that, from the New York Times:  The Modern Meeting: Call In, Turn Off, Tune Out.  Backed by personal observation, data from consulting firms, and tons … Continue reading

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New Horizons spacecraft spots a wandering Kuiper Belt object

As the New Horizons space craft heads out through the Kuiper Belt at the outer reaches of the solar system, it will be able to capture images of these mysterious objects more detailed than anything previously seen.  In the four frame time series above, a … Continue reading

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