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Cell Turns 40

The prestigious scientific journal Cell turns 40 this year.  Check out this cool interactive timeline of landmark articles published 1974-1984. Additional timeline segments mapping many of the incredible discoveries in cell biology over the past 40 years will be published throughout 2014.

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Amazing Images from the Cassini Mission

Following up on the space exploration theme in yesterday’s post (and one from a while back), here is a link to Nadia Drake / Wired Magazine’s summary of discoveries from the Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn. One of my favorites is the incredible … Continue reading

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To Infinity… and Back!

Yesterday SpaceX launched its first satellite payload into geosynchronous orbit, at a price 75% lower than currently charged by other commercial launch providers.  Even more impressive is the fact that SpaceX has been steadily developing the required technology to slow down and … Continue reading

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Spectacular View of Saturn

Check out this amazing photograph (actually a composite of 141 images) of the Saturn ring system, taken from the post “The Day the Earth Smiled”.  Being backlit by the sun, the planet itself is mostly black, except for the faint … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla

Saturday’s post mentioned Tesla coils, invented by the innovative genius Nikola Tesla. Tesla coils produce very high voltage, but low current AC electricity, and can be used to produce some amazing displays of electrical arcs (without electrocuting anyone). They can … Continue reading

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How much science can you fit in 6 seconds?

GE’s 6 Second Science Fair has produced a really neat compilation of short videos that illustrate a wide range of scientific principles. Visit Joe Hanson’s blog for a (nearly) complete list of explanations. There’s potato batteries, antacid-propelled rockets, a Tesla … Continue reading

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Naturally fluorescent minerals at the Yale Peabody Museum

The same rocks, viewed under white light (top) and ultraviolet light (bottom). Some pretty amazing colors!

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Fun Science: Just how close was that lightning bolt?

When you hear a storm approaching, with thunder rumbling and lightning flashing, did you ever wonder how far away the bad weather is?  Or how close a really big lightening strike was?  There’s an easy way to figure it out. … Continue reading

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Fun Science: The Cricket as a Thermometer

The loud crickets chirping in unison tonight reminded me of A. E. Dolbear’s observation that crickets can tell you the current temperature.  According to his classic 1881 communication: T = 50 + (N-40)/4 where N is the number of field cricket … Continue reading

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