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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Fails

 Today’s launch of a Dragon cargo capsule full of supplies for the International Space Station did not go well.  The Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly before second stage ignition.  Video clip here. This was the first Falcon 9 failure after … Continue reading

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Amazing photo of attempted landing of SpaceX rocket

From space.com, a nice post recapping the last attempt to land a SpaceX Falcon 9 booster on an ocean-going drone platform: Over at io9.com there are some other interesting comments, too.

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SpaceX comes close, but doesn’t quite accomplish soft landing of booster rocket

SpaceX successfully navigated its Falcon 9 booster rocket back to a floating platform Saturday, but the landing was too hard to count as a success.  However, “it bodes well for the future” says Elon Musk. The rocket “ran out of hydraulic fluid … Continue reading

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To Infinity… and Back!

Yesterday SpaceX launched its first satellite payload into geosynchronous orbit, at a price 75% lower than currently charged by other commercial launch providers.  Even more impressive is the fact that SpaceX has been steadily developing the required technology to slow down and … Continue reading

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