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Liam – Apple’s Robotic System for Recycling iPhones

One of the more interesting topics this week at Apple’s product event was the introduction of Liam, a robotic system for disassembly of iPhones: Click here for a cool YouTube movie. When an iPhone is finally discarded, Liam detects, disassembles, and separate parts … Continue reading

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What’s happening to iPads?

Sales of Apple’s iPads have begun to decline, with double digit drops in unit sales year over year.  Interest in the devices as judged by Google searches has noticeably dropped (red line).   If the historical record for the iPod (blue line) is any guide, iPads may be about to enter … Continue reading

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Chromebooks taking iPads to school in education market

A new IDC report claims that more laptops based on Google’s Chrome OS were shipped to schools in the third quarter than Apple’s tablets, thanks in no small part to the notebooks’ low price. While momentum for Chromebooks in schools is substantial, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office is now free for mobile devices

With relatively little fanfare, Microsoft has made Office for mobile devices free.  Faced with a minuscule software market share in the fastest growing device markets, Microsoft decided that they needed to make Office — their biggest money-maker after Windows — free … Continue reading

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Beware Institutional Mimicry

One of the most common management pitfalls is the trap of institutional mimicry. Companies that are falling behind, or otherwise need to reinvent themselves, look around at the competition and other relevant benchmarks, and try to copy “what works”.  But instead of … Continue reading

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Apple hits it out of the park again

Yes, other companies have been making smart watches and fitness monitors for a while now.  Yes, they will have some advanced features that Apple’s will lack.  Yes, Henry Blodget has called the Apple Watch “irrelevant“.  But — just like with MP3 … Continue reading

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Apple and Google poised to enter the 3D printing market?

Speculation has been building that Apple and Google might be gearing up to produce consumer 3D printers (along with other tech giants).  Indeed, analysts have been urging Apple to do so. Apple, of course, was primarily responsible for the desktop publishing phenomena, … Continue reading

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The Age of Free Software is Upon Us

Apple just announced that their latest version of OS X, “Mavericks” is available now, for free.  Both Apple and Google now offer free operating software, subsidized by hardware, advertising, or other software sales.  Can Microsoft continue to charge for Windows? … Continue reading

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iOS 7. Eh.

So I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone overnight, and I have to say the absence of Steve Jobs is showing. The new OS is pretty good, and there are some really useful new features, but Jobs would not have … Continue reading

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