Apple hits it out of the park again

Apple Watch Video

Yes, other companies have been making smart watches and fitness monitors for a while now.  Yes, they will have some advanced features that Apple’s will lack.  Yes, Henry Blodget has called the Apple Watch “irrelevant“.  But — just like with MP3 players, smart phones, and tablets — Apple has integrated design, technology, human interactions, indeed an entire ecosystem, into a product that sets a new standard which everyone else will follow.

Sure, Apple’s new iPhone 6 models will sell more units, and Near Field Communications financial transactions may bring in more revenue than the new watch.  Sure, other manufacturer’s watches will equal or even exceed it in terms of raw capability.  Other manufacturers will sell more devices.  But as a total package the new Apple Watch is in a league all its own.  If it performs even half as well as the propaganda videos claim, they will sell millions of units and continue to collect more than 80% of industry profits.

With the spread of smart watches catalyzed by Apple, we will enter a whole new era of sensor data generation, analysis and sharing that will transform how we think about health, fitness, connectedness, and mobile computing.

The. Best. Consumer. Technology. Company. Ever.

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