What it’s like to drive a 3D-printed car

3D printed car

Mashable has Lance Ulanoff’s first person account of what it’s like to drive a 3-D printed car: “singularly awesome!”  The Strati, made by Local Motors, has leather seats, Bridgestone Battlax (motorcycle) wheels, a small Renault Twizy electric motor and a 120 pound battery, but only 49 total parts.  The largest part is, in fact, the 3-D printed plastic body.

Even though this is a printed car, it doesn’t give the impression of a kit or even cheaply made automobile. The leather-clad steering wheel feels solid in my hands. There’s a tiny dash display for speed and nestled to the left and somewhat behind the steering wheel is a set of three buttons with the letters DNR. D is drive, N is neutral and R is reverse. I note blinker controls on the wheel column, but not a lot else.

Let me repeat: I drove a 3D printed car. It wasn’t for long, and it wasn’t far, but it was a singularly awesome experience.

Check out the Mashable article, which has a movie, some photos and a lot more details about the car.

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