Chromebooks taking iPads to school in education market


A new IDC report claims that more laptops based on Google’s Chrome OS were shipped to schools in the third quarter than Apple’s tablets, thanks in no small part to the notebooks’ low price.

While momentum for Chromebooks in schools is substantial, this is still only a single quarter where they outsold iPads, so Apple is a far cry from flunking this latest test to its educational hegemony. Chromebook makers also need to show similar success outside of the classroom to meet analysts’ lofty sales projections. But one thing’s for sure: This new (tech) kid in school is looking pretty cool right about now.

Laptops and tablet/laptop combinations are where the trend is heading.  Tablets are wonderful for media consumption, touch and gravity-based gaming, and are great for mobile input when the parameters and values are well defined (i.e. drop down menus, buttons, and the like).  But for serious learning with actual content generation you need a bigger screen, keyboard, and a better pointing device than the tip of your finger.

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