New Horizons spacecraft spots a wandering Kuiper Belt object

Spotting a KBO: New Horizons image of 1994 JR1, taken Nov. 2, is the closest-ever picture of a Kuiper Belt object. (Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI)

As the New Horizons space craft heads out through the Kuiper Belt at the outer reaches of the solar system, it will be able to capture images of these mysterious objects more detailed than anything previously seen.  In the four frame time series above, a far away KBO is seen moving across the star field.

Meanwhile, New Horizons continues to stream previously collected data from Pluto back to NASA, including some of the most detailed surface pictures yet.  The landscape includes water ice blocks jumbled up against smoother areas, eroded areas of canyons and cliffs, and icy plains dotted with craters.

MountainousShorline   CratersandPlains

Dig around the New Horizons home page for complete details and many more images.

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