More Biotech Hub Rankings

GEN (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News) has released their own, more comprehensive biotech hub rankings.  As expected, Boston-Cambridge and the Bay Area are at the top, with San Francisco edging out Boston in most criteria.  The GEN rankings include not only VC investing, but also data on biotechnology patents since 1976, an estimate of the the number of biomedical employees in the area, NIH grant dollars, and regional square footage of lab space.  Some of those numbers are pretty eye-popping.  According to GEN, the Bay area alone has nearly 30 million square feet of lab space, and has generated over 3,400 biotechnology patents.  Boston-Cambridge meanwhile clocks in at 2,900 patents, and nearly 19 million square feet of space (with another 3 million+ coming on line in the near future).

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