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Boston Leads the List of Top 25 U.S. Cities for NIH Funding

Not surprisingly, the biotech hubs cluster at the top.  Boston leads at $1.9B, New York $1.4B, Seattle, Philadelphia and Baltimore all coming in around $900M each. Somewhat surprising is how high Boston ranks relative to San Francisco ($680M). Consolidating San Francisco, Stanford, … Continue reading

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States with the most NIH funding

Updated for fiscal year 2016: California dominates in overall funding (above), but Massachusetts, DC, and Maryland stand out in NIH funding per capita (next chart).   Below, you can see more clearly how Massachusetts has the highest per capita and second … Continue reading

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The Brain is Connected to the Immune System

A striking paper published in Nature shows that the lymphatic system is in fact connected to the brain.  This has huge implications for diseases that are linked to dysfunctional immunological responses, like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and autism. The authors were “searching … Continue reading

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Infographic: Total and per capita NIH award funding by state

Mid-way through 2014, California currently leads the nation with $2.1 billion in National Institutes of Health (NIH) award funding, while Massachusetts and New York are ranked 2nd and 3rd, with about $1.4B each.  Not surprisingly, Massachusetts — much smaller in … Continue reading

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More Biotech Hub Rankings

GEN (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News) has released their own, more comprehensive biotech hub rankings.  As expected, Boston-Cambridge and the Bay Area are at the top, with San Francisco edging out Boston in most criteria.  The GEN rankings include not only … Continue reading

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Venture Funding of Biotech is VERY Concentrated… and Very Limited

Fierce Biotech has released their latest analysis of venture capital funding of biotech in the U.S. last year, broken down by metropolitan area: Source: San Francisco is back out in front, edging out Boston-Cambridge.  After San Diego and Washington, funding … Continue reading

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Product Cycles in the Pharma Industry and How to “Shorten” Them – Part 1

A few weeks ago I commented on what may be the fundamental limit on a stable Pharmaceutical industry — products have to be on the market for at least as long as it takes to replace them.  Cash flow significant … Continue reading

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Boston-Cambridge is THE Life Sciences Hub

Luke Timmerman from Xconomy has published an analysis of where the major Life Sciences companies are located. Using the criteria of having $100 million in cash and short term assets as the definition of a major firm, his analysis highlights … Continue reading

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Fixing Big Pharma Research: The costs of delays need to be properly valued

For the Pharmaceutical industry, the foregone revenue created by delays in bringing a drug to market can be surprisingly high — from $50,000 to $2,000,000 per day, depending on the phase of the pipeline. Such costs are often under appreciated. … Continue reading

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Fixing Big Pharma Research: Introduction

Lots of articles and blog posts get written about the research productivity crisis in the pharmaceutical industry.  A lot of Wall Street types argue that Pharma companies simply must spend less on R&D (Recently, yet another analyst called for a … Continue reading

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