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Stanford researchers develop a new type of soft, growing robot.

The basic idea behind this robot is straightforward. It’s a tube of soft material folded inside itself, like an inside-out sock, that grows in one direction when the material at the front of the tube everts, as the tube becomes … Continue reading

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A Single Autonomous Car Has a Huge Impact on Alleviating Traffic

Just one autonomous car out of 20 vehicles can significantly alleviate traffic congestion, according to research from the University of Illinois.  The culprit behind many traffic jams is the variability in speed of human drivers — waves of excessive braking and … Continue reading

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Forget autonomous cars — Autonomous ships are almost here. New Zealand bank replaces SAS server with R server.  

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A fleet of trucks just drove themselves across Europe

About a dozen trucks from major manufacturers like Volvo and Daimler just completed a week of largely autonomous driving across Europe, the first such major exercise on the continent. The trucks set off from their bases in three European countries and completed … Continue reading

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Liam – Apple’s Robotic System for Recycling iPhones

One of the more interesting topics this week at Apple’s product event was the introduction of Liam, a robotic system for disassembly of iPhones: Click here for a cool YouTube movie. When an iPhone is finally discarded, Liam detects, disassembles, and separate parts … Continue reading

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Robotic bricklayer lays bricks three times faster than a human

… but does still leave the complicated work to humans. Construction workers on some sites are getting new, non-union help. SAM – short for semi-automated mason – is a robotic bricklayer being used to increase productivity as it works with human … Continue reading

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3D-Printed Bionic Ants Work as a Terrifying Team

From Popular Mechanics, an article about 3-D printed bugs that work toward a common goal: Ants are known for their selflessness, working collectively for the greater good of the colony in order to move giant crumbs up giant anthills. That’s also … Continue reading

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First robot to fly as a paying passenger on an airline

“Athena”, flying from Germany to Los Angeles.

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Self-assembling robots that fold themselves and then walk away

Harvard researchers interested in creating self-assembling electromechanical systems are building miniature robots from a few motors, polystyrene sheets, and some paper.  Inspired by origami and copying some of the properties of the kid’s toy Shrinky Dinks, the team created robots that start … Continue reading

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