Vinod Khosla says replacing doctors with data crunchers is good medicine

Valley Beat author Mark Sullivan has a short article on some remarks by Vinod Khosla at Stanford University School of Medicine’s Big Data in Biomedicine Conference:

Khosla has for a long time believed that machines armed with mountains of data will (and should) make most of the clinical decisions in the future, eliminating the need for most doctors. Humans, he believes, just can’t handle enough data to understand and prevent illness.

Basically, mechanized intelligence will by and large replace doctors.

Naturally, some of the doctors in the audience at Stanford didn’t care much for Khosla’s comments. “I don’t agree with 80 percent of your remarks,” said one.

A bit more diplomatic, the author suggest a more useful approach will be a combined human and data crunching approach. Read the whole thing.

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