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Boston Leads the List of Top 25 U.S. Cities for NIH Funding

Not surprisingly, the biotech hubs cluster at the top.  Boston leads at $1.9B, New York $1.4B, Seattle, Philadelphia and Baltimore all coming in around $900M each. Somewhat surprising is how high Boston ranks relative to San Francisco ($680M). Consolidating San Francisco, Stanford, … Continue reading

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Every Virus a Person Has Ever Been Exposed to Can be Detected in a Drop of Blood

A team of scientists has developed a new blood test that simultaneously detects the presence of circulating antibodies to more than 1000 strains of 206 known human viruses.  In essence, the test profiles an individual’s lifetime history of viral infections. Published in Science, the … Continue reading

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Ebola outbreak is heading toward 20,000 cases by November

The current West African Ebola outbreak is big, tragic, and exceedingly dangerous.  Current trends point to 20,000 infected patients by November. Martin Leopoldo has been posting the current tally of cases, and it’s not pretty.  This is a big deal, folks. … Continue reading

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Vinod Khosla says replacing doctors with data crunchers is good medicine

Valley Beat author Mark Sullivan has a short article on some remarks by Vinod Khosla at Stanford University School of Medicine’s Big Data in Biomedicine Conference: Khosla has for a long time believed that machines armed with mountains of data will (and should) make … Continue reading

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