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Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter


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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Fails

 Today’s launch of a Dragon cargo capsule full of supplies for the International Space Station did not go well.  The Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly before second stage ignition.  Video clip here. This was the first Falcon 9 failure after … Continue reading

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Biopharmaceutical Innovation Hubs and the Future of Work

Innovation hubs such as metro Boston are all the rage.  Urban living is back in style, face-to-face communication trounces teleconferences, and innovation-starved pharma companies are looking to academic centers for new targets and new enabling technologies.  Academic institutions in turn are looking … Continue reading

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Bristol Meyers Squibb Joins the R&D Hub Consolidation in Cambridge, Massachusetts

BMS has just announced that it will be closing its Wallingford, Connecticut facility and relocating much of R&D to Cambridge MA.  Derek Lowe has some coverage.

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First Color Movies of Pluto and Charon

First color movie of Pluto and Charon, courtesy of NASA and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.  Pluto has a distinct reddish tint, while Charon is more grey.

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Tutorial: Measuring the Efficiency of Equipment Utilization

There are two common Lean metrics for determining just how efficiently equipment is being utilized, and both are relevant for scientific research operations.  Equipment covers a wide variety of capital items, including automation platforms (liquid handlers, integrated robotics, etc.), scientific instruments (e.g. microscopes, … Continue reading

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Management Lessons on an Aircraft Carrier at Sea

Bill Reichert’s top ten management lessons from the US Navy. h/t Stacie Sherwood & Jeff Griffin via LinkedIn.

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Takeda Joins the R&D Migration to Boston

From Fierce Biotech, news that the “unending game of global reorganization in biopharma R&D is continuing” with a new move by Takeda to close several vaccine operations around the U.S. in order to concentrate R&D in “the hot Boston/Cambridge, MA hub“

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Every Virus a Person Has Ever Been Exposed to Can be Detected in a Drop of Blood

A team of scientists has developed a new blood test that simultaneously detects the presence of circulating antibodies to more than 1000 strains of 206 known human viruses.  In essence, the test profiles an individual’s lifetime history of viral infections. Published in Science, the … Continue reading

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The Brain is Connected to the Immune System

A striking paper published in Nature shows that the lymphatic system is in fact connected to the brain.  This has huge implications for diseases that are linked to dysfunctional immunological responses, like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and autism. The authors were “searching … Continue reading

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